Meet Wayne Draper, the inventor of the R1 R2 Magnetic Link, the fastest way to test R1 + R2 

Meet Wayne Draper, the inventor of the R1 R2 Link, a revolutionary product that saves electricians time during testing and eliminates the risk of damaging connections. 

Wayne is based in Aberdare, South Wales, and works part-time as a college lecturer, part-time as an electrician. After eight years of experience as an Electrical Engineer Wayne took up teaching. He came back to industry 5 years ago, and then was able to develop an invention that helps electricians carry out their work more efficiently.

So, what is the R1 R2 Link? In 25 words or less, it’s a device that links R1 and R2 together at the consumer unit, without disconnecting any conductors, making continuity testing on radial circuits faster and more efficient.

Wayne was inspired to invent the R1 R2 Link after assessing many people on Inspection and Testing qualifications. He felt that there had to be a better way of linking R1 and R2 without constantly disconnecting the conductors from the board and causing damage. Wayne has also carried out a lot of Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs) on consumer units where loosening the connections would have caused problems due to the poor condition of the boards. Therefore, he saw a need for an invention that could link R1 and R2 without compromising safety or causing damage.

When asked about his most admired invention (other than his own), Wayne mentioned the Cats Eye for obvious reasons. He also talked about the Super Rod Magnet and Chain, which has brought him so much satisfaction on jobs that would have been impossible without it. 

Wayne loves the feeling of “beating the building” during a challenging install. Being an electrician really is all about problem solving, and the right tools allow you to make these challenges that much easier.

For would-be inventors, Wayne has one piece of advice: “If you want to have a great idea, have lots of ideas.” This quote from Linus Paulin emphasizes the importance of generating a lot of ideas, even if most of them do not lead to an invention. If people like Edison and Tesla never dared to have many ideas, many electricians today may be working different jobs!

Apart from being an inventor, Wayne has a party trick – he’s a Karaoke King! It’s great to see the fun side of inventors too. 

About the product – Item SRR1R2 

  • High strength magnetic link used for continuity testing of R1 + R2
  • Eliminates the risk of damaging connections
  • Saves time during testing and speeds up condition reports 
  • Eliminates the need to remove conductors on R1 + R2 tests
  • Includes 1 x 750mm PZ2 suitable for most devices and 1 x 750mm PZ1 for RCBO’s with deep terminals

Wayne Draper’s invention, the R1 R2 Link, is a game-changer for electricians in the UK, helping them save time and work more efficiently. It’s always inspiring to hear stories of inventors who have developed solutions to make our lives easier.