WELcome to the world of super rod

Welcome to the “World of Rod”! We like to think of Super Rod as a big family, involving both our team as well as the hundreds of thousands of customers we have all over the world.

We have been building our community since 2001, when we started to design and build our cable rods here in the amazing Welsh Valleys. We are located in the town of Blaenavon, a World Heritage Site whose population played a part in the industrial revolution. So whilst we may not be Silicon Valley, we are surrounded by a culture of innovation dating back over 200 years.

Today, our original Super Rod sets and innovative attachments are still a must for any electrician, helping you work smarter, even on the most complex of installations.


Our approach is to 'Listen, Innovate and Deliver' in everything we do.

LISTEN to the needs of our customers and understand the problems tradesmen face every day.

The next stage is to INNOVATE. Our tools are designed to overcome problems and difficulties. Working with end users, we develop product solutions, which allow you to work smarter, not harder!

Then we DELIVER. Super Rod is committed to delivering the highest levels of quality in both our products and service.


We are proud to offer a range of labour saving tools, designed to meet the needs of tradesmen involved with the installation of cable.

These tools save time, reduce frustration and increase productivity!


In 2014, Super Rod partnered up with Klein Tools, the world’s leading manufacturer of hand tools designed specifically for the professional electrician, further enhancing its offer to European contractors. With 160 years of experience going into every Klein Tools product, installers are guaranteed a hand tool that lasts a lifetime and helps you work safer and more efficiently.

The Super Rod family - a team of passionate and dedicated people with an extensive knowledge of the electrical industry as well as an innovative approach focussed on customers’ needs.

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Super Rod is an ISO 9001 accredited Company. We endeavor to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of our operations and to continually satisfy the expectations of our customers. We aim to ensure that the needs of our customers are clearly understood and met through close liaison at all stages of the work. All work is conducted to a high professional standard with technical and commercial integrity.


Super Rod Limited is committed to continually improving the impact our operations have on the environment.  Our aims as a company and individuals are to balance our achievements in business with the on-going need to protect and improve both our local and global environment.

We will do this by:

Reducing the amount of waste produced by our business

Reducing the amount of energy consumed by our business

Regularly reviewing our processes to see what changes can be made to improve our impact on the environment

Promoting recycling where ever possible

Environmental awareness and its impact on a global and company basis are vitally important.  Super Rod will ensure that new and current employees receive appropriate training at regular intervals.

It has also been recognised that the products we manufacture also have significant benefits for the environment. Customers have stated that with the aid of our products they can cause less disruption to worksites, resulting in a reduction in the materials needed.

Join our Super Rod & Klein Tools Trades Club UK today, it’s free and easy!

By joining, you will receive the Trades Club eNewsletter. Benefits for members include free gifts, product news, special deals, tutorials/product demos, the chance to win great prizes and the opportunity to test some of our products before they hit the market!

Register by answering just a few questions here.



If you have general questions about out Trades Club, comments or would like to learn more about the program, please email us on tradesclubuk@super-rod.co.uk


Klein Tools

Klein Tools UK

Below are some of the websites that will keep you up to date with various views on current issues within our industry. Whilst the list is comprehensive, it is in no way complete, and does not imply any preference to either those included or excluded. If you have any other sources of information that you would like to see here please let us know.

UK Electrical Trade Bodies

UK Trade Journals
Professional Electrician
Electrical Contracting News
Electrical Times
Electrical Wholesaler

International Bodies And Journals
TED Magazine
Electrical Contractor

Super Rod Products

Every Super Rod tool is created to help you work smarter, saving installers and contractors millions of labour hours each year. 

As well as our market leading cable rods, we offer an ever-expanding range of innovative and original products; many of these have been designed by installers such as the popular Gekko Gripper, Duoxim Arbor and Cable Tongue products.










Super Rod Video



A day in the life of Malcolm Duncan, Super Rod MD

I have been involved in Super Rod since 2001, ultimately joining the business in 2006, and I am extremely proud of leading the business ever since. Outside work I am married, and between my wife and I we have four amazing daughters, aged 18 through to 33.


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The Life of A Rod

How Super Rod Manufacture Their Rods

Have you ever wondered how we create our cable rods?

We design, produce, and inspect hundreds of thousands of rods a year.

In this video we follow a cable rod on every step of its journey from sketch to drawing, machining to testing, assembly to packaging to the wholesaler to the electrician.This is the Life of A Rod…


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Inspired by International Women’s Day

Here at Super Rod we decided to have a closer look at our own industry, where still only about 3% of roles are carried out by women. The good news is that the numbers are rising, and there are some strong role models in some key influential positions leading our industry, below we have listed a few that we know and respect, this list is in no way an order of merit, just a selection of some of the industry leaders we come across in our daily lives:


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Share the love with the electrician in your life this Valentine’s day

Whether you are a qualified electrician or just starting on your journey as an apprentice electrician, there’s something on this list that you will like! 

From functional items like torches that any tradesman needs in his arsenal to more specialised items like VDE tools made just for electricians, these gift ideas will inspire your favourite electrician.


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Powering up Reading Festival 2021 – Electricians’ Experience

Have you ever wondered how some of the UK’s biggest festivals get powered up? It’s a question that many electricians often wonder but only a select few get to experience. We were lucky enough to capture backstage footage and interview Matt from Energy Generator Hire and Mike from Residual Current whose job was to power Reading festival to life.


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The home of #workingsmarter

After many months of hard work and dedication from our team at Super Rod, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, home of #workingsmarter! Our primary goal during the redesign process was not only to refresh the look of the website but also create a more valuable, user-centric and responsive resource across all platforms and devices. 


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Choose Your Tools Well – Make Them Last

Want to know how thinking smarter when buying tools can save you money in the long run? 

Choose well, prioritise quality over price

Most of us know that it makes good sense to ‘buy once and buy well.


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Shop Super Rod and get rewards points with Voltimum Plus!

We are delighted to join the Voltimum Plus rewards programme as one of the partners alongside top manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, Philips, LINIAN, WAGO. 

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Our new wireless inspection camera is OUT! 🙌

Why it should be part of your toolkit?
✅ Speed up visual inspections
✅ Accurate inspection reports/quotations
✅ Easier fault-finding
✅ Time-saving cable installation



New product from Super Rod. The Super Cam! Full video on my YouTube tomorrow and will be giving this away to an apprentice very soon! Impressed with it! @SuperRodUK for more details.

This week’s Tech Talks @cefonline Kent tomorrow and Portsmouth on Thursday 😃 looking forward to talking to lots of customers and showing them new products @Klein1857
Who is going? #electricians #techtalks #cef #tradeshows

Ready for the Final! 🏆
FA cup final today kick off at 4.45pm

Anyone watching? 👀🍻

#facupfinal #facup #facupwinners #footballmatch #footballfinal #welovefootball

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