Super Rod is encouraging electrical installers to work smarter this summer by packing a Cable Jack in their tool bag, for an instant cable spooling solution on the go. 

Super Rod’s innovative Cable Jack product is a spooling device which can support up to 35kg of weight, yet compacts down to fit into one 45cm long packaging tube. The Cable Jack is supplied with the packaging tube, two aluminium collars and four fibre glass legs which are easily assembled into an A-frame; simply slide the collars onto the 44mm diameter tube, add the cable roll and finish by screwing the legs into the collars. The cable roll is now lifted off the ground and able to turn freely. 

Ideal for small domestic jobs, the Cable Jack can also be adapted for bigger jobs where more than one cable roll needs spooling. Simply replace the 45cm long packaging tube supplied with a 115cm packaging tube which comes with any Super Rod cable rod product, and the Cable Jack is now ready to hold multiple reels of cable.

Gina Dunn from Super Rod said: “When threading lengths of cable, a spooling device makes life much easier for installers but traditionally they are quite bulky and awkward to transport and store. With the Cable Jack, we have created a simple and portable yet incredibly strong device that electrical contractors can keep in their tool bag so they never have to be without the tools they need to make an installation easier.”